Panama Investments - Paul gulbronson is a confirmed scam artist

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He scammed me for over 15K, not going to put my business out there but I thought he could be trusted, obviously not.Do a simple google search and you will see a number of people he scammed.

Im sure there are even more that are too embarrased (as I was) to mention it.

We need to organize somehow and put this guy away in jail where he belongs.Dont try to change the subject because somebody made a comment you didnt like, the point is paul gulbronson is a crook a fraud and needs to be in jail for all the pain he has caused people.

Review about: Money Fraud.



Paul Gulbronson has resurfaced in Jacksonville Florida under the name Paul Andrews - He's up to his old tricks.

Pual Gulbronson Panama Investments Crooks

Boca Raton, Florida 10 comments

Paul Gulbronson and his pal Nicholas try to sell land in Panama which they do not own.Beware.

I must write more words to use this site, but really its simple - only a fool would do business with Paul gulbronson because he is a smooth talking, preachers son who lives on money he gets by mispresenting his assets, and basically selling the brooklyn bridge to naive Americans who dream of retiring in Panama.

Those poor baby boomers will be camping out on the streets of Panama City if they give their money to Paul Gubronson.He does not have anything of value to sell anyone.



He stole $10K from me...and I was supposedly a "friend" of his. Buyer beware - he is a total piece of ***.


seems like I was just about to get scammed from this guy, thank you so much for telling me about it.

Naples, Florida, United States #1092044

I have my attorney on this guy for fraud and can use the help of anyone else who has been scammed buy Paul Gulbronson. If you have a police report this would be very helpful in bring this guy to justice.

to Mangusta101 #1092048

Send what ever information you have on Paul Gulbronson to

Naples, Florida, United States #1092037

I have my attorney on Paul Gulbronson for scamming me and I'm looking for others who may have a police report or who have been pray to his deceitful dealings


Say what you will about Paul Gulbronson, but to reference the fact that he is a preacher's son in a negative context is sick.To know Dr.

Thomas Gulbronson, is to love him. He raised his son's to the best of his abilities. But as we know, The Lord gives us free will. Dr.

Gulbronson is nothing if not admirable.

To make the statement that "being a preacher's son" somehow means he is bred to spit bull *** is completely ignorant.The fact that Paul Gulbronson is a pastor's son means, unless to illustrate how far he has fallen.

to Anonymous #725603

Correction... I meant to say "The fact that Paul Gulbronson is a pastor's son means NOTHING, unless to illustrate how far he has fallen."


All I can say:

"RUN, when you hear the name Paul Gulbronson or have contact with anybody that associates with this liar, thief and *** artist."

He robbed me of a fortune and a dream.

It's going to be crowded on his grave.


Just a few words be carefull with those cowards nicholas narcissov and mr paul because they are big liars with the imaginary projects they dont have nothing to offer just lies if you have any complain with those liars this is his phone 6605-48-60 and by the way they lives in urbanizacion las perlas david chiriqui. thanks for you time and give this information to all the expats that lives here in my country


I could't agree more. I invested with him and everything looked quite legit and after numerous unreturned phone calls and emails and discovering web sites claiming offices across the globe that are nothing but a fraud I am left with nothing, except knowing that I will outlive him for the sole purpose of crapping on his grave.

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